SQUALUS ReflectivesTM

Combining personalized style with increased visibility, Squalus Reflectives produces stunning reflective products that makes people notice.
We can reproduce your company logo, graphic designs, or slogans in patch form or decals.1

Squalus Reflectives products are made with patented high visibility retro-reflective materials. We incorporate a high degree of quality and workmanship that highly compliments your custom design graphics.

Reflective Decals

To illustrate the effectiveness of how retro-reflective features can enhance one's visibility at night; comparative photographs were taken of a rider with only the tail reflector on his bike and then the addition of a reflective patch on his jacket.

The photo on the right shows that with the addition of the patch, the rider's reflective feature area has been significantly increased.

Before After

Contrast Lighting

Even under contrast lighting conditions, the addition of retro-reflective products makes you notably stand out.

Whether it is for personal, vehicular, or property applications our reflective products enhance one's visibility with style.

For more information on our reflective products, e-mail us at info@squalus-reflectives.com.

1 - Reproduction is dependent upon the complexity of the graphic or the text font.

 SQUALUS ReflectivesTM

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